Welcome to Wgmi Community! 🚀 ✨

<aside> 🤝 Ok, you want to give back to the community—we 😍 it!
We have created an Engagement Pathway that gives you specific steps you can take at each part of your journey here inside WGMI.

You can help spread the message, take notes, answer questions in Discord, or even by writing articles.

Read on to learn how you can start!


🚨Wgmi Engagement Pathway 🚨

Level 0️⃣ - Reader / Viewer: One Hour or Less a Week

Level 1️⃣ - Member: Two Hours a Week

Level 2️⃣ - Advocate: Two Hours a Week

Level 3️⃣ - Participant: Three Hours a Week

Level 4️⃣ - Contributor: Three to Four Hours a Week

Level 5️⃣ - Experts: Four Hours a Week

Level 6️⃣ - Leaders: Four+ Hours a Week

Level 7️⃣ - Summoners

For Leaders:


🤘 Welcome

Mission, Vision, Values

Intro to Wgmi

How to Contribute


Community Handbook + How-to’s [WIP]

Talent Pool